Body Spa Intense Lightening Body Spray

Body Spa Intense Lightening Body Spray

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Even with the aid of a powerful sunscreen, we are unable to prevent the sun from causing damage to our skin by darkening certain areas, thereby resulting in a blotchy and uneven skin tone. This isn’t the only cause of dark body parts as pigmentation is also a major culprit in this case. Private and delicate parts at times turn darker due to excessive sweat, tight clothing, friction between skin surfaces, age, moisture accumulation, lack of ventilation, and so on.

What is the Body Spa Intense Lightening Body Spray?

You don’t need to turn to medicines or take pills to cure this problem. The Body Spa Intense Lightening Body Spray is adequate for addressing these issues and improving the overall texture of the skin. It targets different areas of the body where the darkening occurs and works diligently to lighten them so you have an even and flawless skin tone. Rest assured it works on both men and women of all ages.

The Body Spa Intense Lightening Body Spray can eradicate dark spots and brighten the following areas of the body:

  • Underarms – Women can safely wear sleeveless without being self-conscious about darkened underarms.
  • Elbows & Knees – Lightens the dark pigments in the skin.
  • Neck – Reduces sun damage and evens out skin tone.
  • Private Areas – Inner thighs look visibly fairer, which is a huge plus for women who wish to sport bikinis without sarongs covering the lower half. For the men too, it is more comfortable while wearing a swimsuit.
  • Arms & Hands – No more splotchy sun damage.Note: The spray is meant for using on various regions of the body but shouldn’t be applied on the face.

What are its benefits?

Get Fairer Skin

Once the dark spots are reduced, your natural skin tone is brought to the forefront, so you look fairer and more youthful than ever.

Very Smooth

Unlike many of its counterparts, this body spray is non-sticky and doesn’t form a greasy residue on the skin after application. It is extremely light, smooth and blends perfectly with the skin.

Removes Body Scars

Scars or marks make us extremely self-conscious and we put in a lot of effort to hide them. But this Body Spa Intense Lightening Body Spray carries a strong repair complex that boosts the natural repair process of the skin, which is vital for scar removal. Eventually, your blemishes and scars will lighten and fade drastically.

Highly Effective

The Body Spa Intense Lightening Body Spray is specifically formulated and dermatologically proven to aid in lightening dark regions of the body and evening out the tone in particularly delicate areas, skin folds, and sun exposed parts.

Lessens Stretch marks

Getting rid of stretch marks after pregnancy is a huge problem that thousands of women face all over the world. Using this spray helps to decrease the appearance of stretch marks while making your skin softer and suppler. For tummy striae, we suggest you begin using the product during and after the pregnancy.

Reduces Sun Damage

At times you can’t help but be out in the sun sans proper protection. Using this spray on a regular basis lessens sun damage on exposed areas by brightening the skin tone and restoring your complexion.

Directions for Use:

* Cleanse the area to be sprayed thoroughly. This is important as dirty and sweaty regions could affect the performance of the product and you might not get the desired result.

* Spray directly on the area. Alternatively, you could spray the solution on your palm and gently pat the body part with it while still wet.

* For best results, use the product twice everyday on a day and night basis.

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